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Los Angeles, CA, March 9, 2020… Ella Kajoyan, the mother of three children under 10, is feeling confident about the new hack she created for home cooks like herself who live with very picky eaters. After experimenting with spices inspired by her Armenian and Persian cultures, she has created a line of seasoning blends called Mom Cave Foods. Imported from Natural and Fair Trade farms worldwide.  Ella had three priorities in mind while she was formulating her spices: 1) To ensure that the ingredients were vegan, natural and free of MSG. 2) To make them universal so that when they are added to almost any food, they became more nutrient dense. 3) To make using them so easy that they yield interesting dishes.

Ella has launched several blends to start - Sour Lemon Pepper (the sour taste comes from Sour Grapes!), Exotic Steak, Fish Please and famous Queen’s Dressing.  Mom Cave Foods spices add rich and delicious flavors to meat and meat alternatives, fish, chicken, lamb, tofu, vegetables, soups and casseroles.

Friends had always told Ella what a great cook she was until she found herself holding court nightly at the dinner table, hoping that her kids would eat what she prepared for them. Ella reached out to her community of busy moms and dads to see what they thought of her seasonings and they gave positive feedback. “In a time when people are so conscientious about food waste, I wanted to deliver a hack that could help get nutritionally sound meals on the table, FAST.”