At Mom Cave Foods, we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy delicious, healthy meals, no matter how picky the eaters in your household may be. That's why our founder, Ella Kajoyan, created a line of seasoning blends that are inspired by her Armenian and Persian cultures and crafted with care using natural and fair trade ingredients from around the world. Ella's three priorities in formulating her spices were simple but essential: they had to be vegan, natural, and free of MSG. Plus, they had to be versatile enough to add flavor and nutrients to just about any dish. And finally, they had to be easy to use, even for the busiest home cooks. We're proud to offer several delicious blends to start, including the tangy Sour Lemon Pepper (made with real Sour Grapes!), savory Exotic Steak, fresh Fish Please, and the ever-popular Queen's Dressing. Whether you're cooking up meat or meat alternatives, fish, chicken, lamb, tofu, vegetables, soups, or casseroles, Mom Cave Foods has the perfect spice blend to elevate your meal to the next level. Ella's journey to creating Mom Cave Foods began when she found herself struggling to feed her own family nutritious meals that they would actually enjoy. But after sharing her creations with other busy moms and dads, she knew she was onto something special. Today, Mom Cave Foods is proud to offer a convenient, healthy, and delicious solution for families who want to enjoy nutritious meals without sacrificing taste or convenience.