Jul 25, 2021Ella Kajoyan

Yummy lobster at its finest. 2 Delicious recipes made with cajun voodoo and mild aleppo for spice. A perfect mouth watering seafood treat for the family to enjoy.

- 6 to 7 oz lobster tail
- Butter
- Garlic Cloves
- Momcavefoods Cajun voodoo
- Momcavefoods Mild Aleppo
- Parsley
- Lemon slice

First Split the lobster shell vertically from the base to the end of the tail. Then, gently butterfly the meat out.
Mix the ghee (clarified butter) with the momcavefoods cajun voodoo blend and momcavefoods mild aleppo for extra heat.
Once mixed, brush the butter onto the lobster tail generously.
Lastly, let broil for 10 Minutes on 400°

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